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Have you ever wanted to make your own surfboard? The Surfboard Studio offers world-class instruction and tuition in surfboard shaping, design, glassing and sanding, all based conveniently in Melbourne and affiliated with a stalwart of Melbourne surf culture, Zak Surfboards. The aim is to teach not only the art of surfboard shaping but to share the handcrafted skills as well the computer CAD / CNC machining and knowledge of how surfboard designs work in all sorts of waves.

As a student of the Surfboard Studio, you will be both the customer and the shaper. Going through the custom order you will discover how to get the right dimensions and style of board to suit the waves you want to surf. Your surfboard will be shaped in a methodical way with a proven formula. Any small mistakes that may occur through the process can be easily corrected, so your board, although shaped entirely by yourself, will be of a high quality and you will be extremely pleased with the result in our state-of-the-art Melbourne factory utilizing over 50 years of collective surfboard making experience.

Apart from learning the surfboard shaper’s art and building your own board you will be taught to see the curves of a surfboard in a new light.   You will understand how the different curves effect the way a board performs which will be beneficial when wanting to know what board to ride.  The Surfboard Studio is also your one-stop shop for all your shaping and glassing needs. Either shop online or drop in to pick up blanks, cloth, resin and everything else you might need or come in and see the Zak Surfboards crew at their Thornbury store for any help you might need with retail gear.

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